welcome to the starlit castle .

hello traveler, and welcome to my site - my own little space on the internet for me to sit and ramble about things i enjoy. feel free to stay and take a look around if this humble place takes your fancy.

this site is still a work in progress (and is likely to remain so for a good while) as i continue to learn html and discover what i want this castle to become - but i hope that you can find interest in what i have to share while you're here.

please note: this site is best viewed on a computer. it is mostly functional on mobile, but some things may appear broken.

current status:



revamped the palace's palette! i aim to start working on the gardens once i have the time, as well as fix up the shoddily thrown together library... and i still havem't come up with a button of my own, but once i do i'd like to add buttons linking to my mutuals' sites!


turned the library into the interests section, and added interactive book pages. it was hard to code but i'm quite pleased with it! i also revamped the kinlist page and gave it the old ballroom format, renaming it to the palace. I'll have to think of something else for the ballroom, as aforementioned im thinking of making it music-related...
i've also been getting back into ace attorney pretty heavily, so i might make a shrine for it!


completely rehauled the index page-- thought i should make it look more like a "starlit castle" to begin with. the index's old layout has been moved to the prince's quarters, as i thought it'd be more fitting there. cbox and guestbook also added.
i may also move around some page titles as i work on this site some more - for example ive been considering making the "ballroom" into a music-based page instead of just my interests, and making the "library" a list of resources or sites i like rather than kins. (the aforementioned pages would still exist, just with different titles!)


hey guys guess who forgot about this site AGAIN. school gets hectic! added kin page... ive been thinking about perhaps rehauling this whole site but we will see! im still an html beginner i fear


ADMITTEDLY i forgot about this site for a while i got super busy! added a couple pngs here and there, added a my little pony shrine! it isnt complete but i thought i'd at least show something for my inactivity


added music player to the index, and some cool pillars on interest page! still working on other pages


added a statuscafe box (still not wholly sure on the placement just yet), and the about me page and interests page are somewhat complete!


revamped the index page! about me page was almost done, but spontaneously started redoing the whole thing...
(_ _ ;;)


site created! still a big work in progress, but excited to begin learning html :]